• Improved website usability
  • Improved user experience
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Increased overall conversions/enquiries and sales

Exclusive F1 are just one of a number of our satisfied clients. We have worked with Exclusive F1 for over 18 months and have positively impacted their website.

Since launching their new website, exclusive F1 has been in undated with comments about how professional and visually appealing their new website is.

But we know creating a beautifully designed website does not mean sales, so how has having such a visually appealing website helped their business?

Well, their clients have recognised that the company is firstly and importantly a professional outfit and is representing itself with a professional image. This helps to build the clients recognise the brand and develop trust in it. The inclusion of other items in the site design such as ‘ATOL protection’ and other trust and guarantee factors all play into the visitors mind, this helps ensure exclusive f1 build up enough trust with their visitors who are about to spend money with them.


When we decided to redo our website, we called quite a number of web designers and were provided with numerous addresses of sites created by each designer. We found that ALT Web Design had the most sites that we thought were innovative, creative and professional. After speaking a few times with Alt Web Design we decided to go with them. It’s the best decision we’ve made in quite some time.

Alt Web Design not only gave freely of their time to talk with me long distance, they had the patience to teach me as we went along. They came up with various ideas that allowed me to choose what I liked best and with their guidance we got exactly the website we dreamed about. The hits to our site have substantially increased and so have the many compliments we receive daily. People have told us that our site is attractive, informational and friendly as well as professionally done.– Joe Sapak EF1 Director


Also being well designed allows the visitors to find their selves around the website with ease, nobody likes a website that is hard to navigate, users want to find exactly what they want at the click of a button. With EF1 having a lot to offer, we worked out a structure which would achieve this, so all content is organised into ‘race hubs’ clearly identified by their national flag and name in the main navigation.

The brand of exclusive f1 experiences has also been strongly conveyed through the sites design. The company’s core aim and goal is to offer luxurious bespoke holidays for formula one events to a target market that consists mainly of multi-millionaires and in some occasions the odd billionaire! Alt web design needed to convey this in the design and did so through the use of strong imagery used consistently throughout the site to reinforce the brand message.

Programming wise the website needed a lot of extensive work. Originally the website was on wordpress as it was affordable to the client and had many pre-made options available. During V1.0 of the website, wordpress was integrated and a number of custom plugins were written to enable certain sections of the website to function without confliction anywhere else.

It soon became difficult to efficiently design the website using Wordpress soon became a bit of a problem and with a new budget, Exclusive F1 tasked us with creating the most stable, scalable and easy to use Content management system on the planet.

And we delivered.

The website currently runs on a custom built CMS, which allows every single individual page to be altered from top to bottom with complete ease and at the click of a button