As we stand on the cusp of a new year, it’s only fitting to look over the past twelve months and marvel at the steps ALT Agency has taken. In the dynamic realm of web development, adaptability is our cornerstone, and 2023 was no exception.

Merry Christmas from the ALT agency team!

A bigger team means bigger ideas 


One of the most gratifying aspects of the year gone by has been the organic growth of our ALT family. From the buzzing energy of our initial team, we’ve expanded our company, welcoming talented individuals who share our passion for pushing boundaries in the digital sphere. Their unique perspectives and skills have not only enhanced our capabilities but have infused renewed vigour into our collaborative ethos.

Our new SEO Content Specialist has enabled us to generate higher quality and larger amounts of SEO-friendly content work and support for both ourselves and our clients. The result of this is regular engagement and information that is exciting, engaging, and informative, and helps them get their message across to their target audience better.

In addition, our new Business Development Executive has been pushing us to think in new ways about the way we operate and approach new clients. We’ve been going through position workshopping these past few months to identify our unique selling point and simplify our company’s message into one tidy sentence. 

Helping more businesses succeed


Equally noteworthy is the influx of clients who entrusted us with their visions, allowing us to weave digital narratives that transcend expectations. Our commitment to delivering bespoke WordPress solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clients has been the driving force behind this growth. Each project has forged lasting partnerships that extend beyond mere transactions and we look forward to seeing how they develop and transform with all the exciting developments in technology 2024 is sure to bring.

Accessing ALT Agency’s internal processes


2023 has been a year of introspection, during which we’ve scrutinised our internal processes with a fine-tooth comb. The aim? To unearth opportunities for refinement and evolution. We’re committed to continuous improvement and recognise that staying at the forefront of the web development landscape demands more than just staying afloat – it necessitates a proactive approach to embracing change.

And change is precisely what we envisage for 2024. As the new year approaches, we are eager to embark on a journey of development to keep improving, developing, and succeeding. A key facet of our roadmap involves an in-depth review of our internal processes. By dissecting each element, we aim to identify areas where innovation and efficiency can be injected, ensuring that our workflows are as streamlined as they are cutting-edge.

Crucially, our sights are set on cultivating new dimensions of expertise within our team,  seeking professionals and visionaries – individuals whose unique skill sets will unlock new realms of creative possibility in WordPress web development, design, and SEO. We believe this investment in talent is an investment that will help propel us to the forefront of emerging technologies and trends.

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, adaptability remains our watchword. As we stand at the threshold of 2024, the horizon is ablaze with possibilities. With our growing team and expanding clientele, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of web development and design and working with them to reach new heights.