Social media marketing is a scary and daunting place, not knowing which way to turn, can often lead you to make decisions through gut instinct, rather than science.

We are not saying ignore your instincts, but trust in the science that helps to make those gut instincts turn into profit rather than failure.

The truth of the matter is that you know your business and market best, and what we can do for you is simply help you to target new customers using a strategic method including inforgraphics and content creation.

Plummeting Organic reach has made it more difficult to rely upon for growth, simply due to the sheer amount of information being fed into each social feed.

At one time you would be able to view every entry from your friends and followers but now these are filtered and only a selection of these are visible.

Paid Advertising campaigns are the best methods of attracting this audience. Revenue for Facebook in particular has increased significantly year on year with the below image highlighting this fact.

This does not mean that simply spending money on adverts is the solution. It is simply an effective method of attracting them but it does require a strategic approach with specialist knowledge.

Embrace the power

Facebook has 1.9 billion monthly active users and Instagram 200 Million, add that to Twitters 284 Million monthly users and this becomes a very powerful market reach. (source: CNBC).

These social channels are a captured audience that allow you to drill down on, refining and filtering until you have that specific customer. Almost as if you are dragging them in front of your store window, then asking them to look inside.

The question is how do you get to this point without blowing all your budget and wasting that hard earned cash?

The Answer….

ALT Agency are your social media experts, we are specialise in brand marketing and product promotion through social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter.

Combining experience and knowledge ALT’s team of specialists will work closely with you to help better understand what goals you are looking to achieve.

Each social feed has specific, complex rules with unique ways of reaching out to your target audience. We take this worry away from you and manage the campaigns delivering them into each platform.

You have total control of your marketing budget! We simply help you spend it wisely. What do we do?

ALT Agency will develop a detailed strategy, multiple split testing of the proposed adverts to ensure the best return on investment (ROI).

Not being satisfied with delivering the ads for you we also manage them to ensure that they are running effectively and efficiently, controlling your budget as if it were our own.

Once the ads have been run a detailed analysis and follow up report will be given to you, this will detail results of the campaigns, costs and ROI etc.

For further information on Social Media Content Marketing please Contact ALT Agency on 0121 663 0202

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