Having changed its name from Google Adwords to Google ads and seeing the upcoming new features announced, Google Ad’s is now more than just words.

Here’s a look at the upcoming changes to Google Ads and how it could affect the way we do PPC advertising.

Google Gallery Ads

Confirmed by Google at their Google Marketing Keynote, Google Gallery Ads are a new extension to general Google ads and are a number of sliding images that sit above a text advert in the Google search results – Above the organic search results.

Google gallery ad example from Google
Courtesy of Google.

The style is not to far different to that of Facebook or Instagram.

The great thing about this is that with a minimum of 4 images per ad and maximum of 8 along with the ability to run 3 headlines you can do some serious testing to work out your ads optimal performance.

From a mobile point of view this could make mobile ads far more effective.

Rather than just words, and Google does a pretty good job with Ads on mobile as it currently is, you can’t fault them, but adding images with tell a story 1000 words never could.

There will be lots of benefits from these new ads… Brands certainly will be able take a huge advantage from it as would other retailers such as travel agents, car retailers and many others who would love to put their best offers and products into a nice scrollable ad.

There are lots of great things to be excited about with Google Ads and imagery paints a picture of a thousand words.

This is certainly something to look into, so keep your eyes open for the feature in Google Ads as soon as they become available to you.

Google Guarantee

This is a new really cool feature from Google, not yet available in the UK, but being rolled out across the US and Canada in which up to a point google guarantees buyer protection on their shopping ads.

Gogole guaranteed example
Courtesy of https://www.smartz.com

Its part of Google local service ads and adds in green beneath your add Google Guaranteed.

This covers buyers and the work done by suppliers up to $2,000.

If available in your area you can apply at Google Local Services.

The great thing about this is that Google does a lot of the filtering and serves your ads to those only looking for your service, in set postcodes to save you wasting cash.

These ads will be displayed across all devices including the voice activated Google Home.

This also helps you in another way as you now pay per lead rather than pay per click.

Google AI will do it’s best to filter out bad prospects with the aim of delivering only high quality links and there’s even suggestion that you will be able to dispute poor quality leads.

FAQ Page Schema

Now gaining more traction, in search results, beneath an organic search result you may now see some drop down menus that highlight a question and can be clicked on to reveal an answer before visiting a website.

google faq page schema example
Courtesy of Google

We’re not sure yet if this will be used to give an answer on Google voice, but it’s very likely.

You can read more about FAQ Page schema markup here and implement it into your website today.

We don’t see any downside with this as it gives you more real estate in the organic search results and you also provide a ton of value for your website visitor before they even visit your website.

Google Ads Carousel “People also considered”

This is just a rumour at the moment first mentioned over at SERoundtable and covered on Twitter by SEMRush.

Its basically a sliding carousel in the Google search results, of more ads, that you can slide through to see other options that users have considered.

Still seems pretty new and with very little about it at the moment, we will be sure to update you as and when.

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