We are halfway through 2020 and there has been lots going on in the world of SEO.

There have been 2 core Google algorithm updates from Google, one in January and one in May which have shaken up the SEO efforts of some industries.

What’s interesting is some data from our friends over at Ahrefs, which we have turned into the below infographic.

SEO US search queries

Whilst a lot of these searches are brand searches, we can clearly see that Facebook in the US is well clear of it’s next nearest rival YouTube and almost triple the amount of searches away from Google.

The big surprise – and a pleasant surprise was to see Yahoo with two entries inside the top 10 with the Yahoo portal and Yahoo mail.

Just missing out on the top 10 were websites such as Home Depot, Netflix and Google maps…. But what about global searches, how do they fare there? We will turn the further data into an infographic in the coming days for comparison of the US searches Vs. world searches.

It’s interesting to see how just a few tech giants absolutely dominate the market – Google in particular with Google, Gmail and YouTube dominating the top 5.

Keeping with the social trend Facebook being at #1 isn’t to be unexpected as practically everybody is on there.

It’s interesting to see these sites dominate, whilst Amazon is very complex in it’s design, the rest are all quite simple and whilst web design is important for these websites, the brand and product are also key which has helped to lead to their domination.

Predicting the top 3 for 2021

Could we predict the top 3 for 2021?

We will certainly have a go and keep it a very safe answer and expect the top 3 to remain pretty much the same. Amazon is probably too far away from YouTube to catch it and it’s highly unlikely YouTube will beat Facebook as Facebook has more social and engaging elements to it.
Time will tell!