What should one include on their websites to make them stand out from the crowd will be discussed quite conventionally here.

In essence some aspects of your business model relevant to your end user/client needs’ to be implicated into the content and visual aspects of your Website design. These are as follows.

Updated for 2020 to include a fourth thing you must do on your website!

Your product specialisation.

Product specialisation is that part of the business model that is part of your value proposition.

Thus, what are your products features and how will they benefit your end user? What problems does your end user experience on a frequent basis that your product will easily solve? These questions should be answered quite early on in the content of your website as does the second point mentioned below which covers your products/services unique selling points.


How are your products and services different to that of your competitors and what makes you have a competitive advantage? Again this is the second part of your value proposition which needs to be clearly mentioned on your websites home page. Hence a value proposition is your offer, product or service coupled with your unique selling points in the context of solving your target markets worries and qualms.

As this needs to be clearly stated on your website, maybe using some pictures to illustrate this on your websites home page will be a good idea or even invest in doing a short, precise and concise you tube video that illustrates this.

In conjunction to all this point three below is vital and understanding your customer segment plays an important role in getting your websites design and interface specifications spot on.

Customer segmentation.

You must understand your customer base not only demographically but from a psycho graphics point of you. Thus can you without mentioning your product or service describe in detail your ideal customer?

What are their ambitions, core values, what magazines do they like to read and do they spend most of their time out of work doing fun stuff with their families or are they adrenaline junkies n like fast cars n murder mystery weekends for example? Again when designing your website and the feel of it, it must relate to the end user in some shape or form.


The content of your website is a key metric for 2020.

The old idea of content was to write for search engines, say the same thing 3-4 different ways and you will rank at the top of Google.
What many website owners were forgetting was that, although this may have helped SEO 10-15 years ago, today it won’t and todays website are all about the user and user experience.

There’s no point writing your content for search engines and dropping in random keywords mid-sentence like web design Birmingham as it makes no sense and has no context.

You have to sit your chosen keywords naturally within well structed sentences that are easy to digest, make sense and add value.

2020 Update

For 2020 one of the must haves for your website is a mobile first approach to your website and an incredible mobile website experience.

Google now uses a mobile first index method and so a mobile website isn’t just optional but is essential to your success in the Google search results.

Having a mobile first website can indirectly effect your SEO – User experience as many of the best SEO companies in the UK now, affects how users interact with your website – A poor experience will result in a high bounce rate and so Google will think your website is not of a good enough quality to be high up in their search results.

Make sure you revisit your mobile website, ask friends and family to try it out and ensure the buttons and call to actions are big enough for ‘clunky thumbs’.

To conclude your website and your website design/content should include your companies value proposition, product specialisation, unique selling point from your end users perspective and outlook on life. This blog was brought to you by ALT Agency which is a website design company based in Birmingham