If your business is in the ecommerce niche, and more importantly relies on Amazon for sales, then you need to read on as a potential game changer could be about to happen.

This could have a NEGATIVE effect on your business and your ecommerce sales and is the reason why the Amazon share price is down by around 2% as I write this.

The latest rumour is that Google is about to go head to head with Amazon in 2015 and has been trialling some sort of “Buy Now” button throughout their network. Not much is known right now, but its currently being touted as the creatively named “Google Buy Now Button

What is being reported is simple…

Google is considering adding a “Buy Now” button to their search results

This would enable a single click checkout, with Google presumably using third party suppliers to supply the goods rather than Google become a fully stocked warehouse.

Why is this bad news for you?

Well, pretty simple: Google could legally, in the US at least, downgrade the importance of Amazon links, forcing them further and further down the search results and give priority to its third party retailers moving them to the top of Google – Less traffic to Amazon from Google and more traffic to Google third party retailers – Something to keep in mind when planning to design & develop your eCommerce website.

Whilst most people now appear to visit Amazon over Google to start their online shopping search, this could all change with an all in one solution from Google.

Whilst none of this has been confirmed, it is certainly worth keeping in mind, especially if the majority of your business comes through Amazon.

As we now sit in 2019, this turned out to not be as dramatic as first thought.

Amazon still reigns supreme for ecommerce with Jeff Bezos still being the world’s richest man

And Google didn’t add a buy now button to their search results.

The good thing though is that if you do sell online there are tons of opportunities out there whether you want to sell on eBay, Amazon or Google, they still have plenty of opportunity.

And with brand now being important to Google (just ask your SEO company HOW important!) there’s even greater opportunity to get your SEO working incredible and ranking at the top of Google capturing more sales for your product.

Work with your web design company, if they offer a digital marketing strategy to work out the right path for you.

A lot of it can be trial and error, but trying avenues such as those listed above along with PPC and remarketing can help you get more exposure, help build your brand and in turn help your SEO rankings.