West Midlands-based ALT Web Design UK, a web design company that specializes in everything concerning a website, from web design to php programming, and from custom built content management systems to Ecommerce, for more than a decade now, has recently rebranded. As ALT Agency now, we are waiting to welcome you to our newly updated, more appealing and functional corner on the web.

It’s our mission to help you set up your very first, fully functional website with ease, or make any necessary actions to turn an already existing, yet under-performing and outdated, website into a profitable one.

You can find us at: http://www.altagency.co.uk and realize why some of the biggest brands with a worldwide reputation, like C&C Alpha Group, the Extreme Sports Company and Fundmine, have trusted us with their website design works. After all, our results speak louder than words!

What can ALT, a web design agency based in Birmingham, West Midlands do for you?

  • We provide services in Web Design with strictly conversion-centered policies. ALT Agency strives to get your voice heard loud and clear all over the internet. By creating a fully responsive website for you, your website is guaranteed to work on home computers, tablets and smart phones, which is a great asset, taking into account the rapid increase on mobile-device online searches. By being more accessible, you have the opportunity to generate more income.
  • Custom built Content Management Systems from ALT Agency allows you to update your website as easy as the click of a button. Should you need to make any changes to your website, images, text or pages, we make it simple for you to manage via a visual editor that you can easily use.
  • Ecommerce websites open the doors to higher conversion rates and income through more sales. This is a perfect case where the sky is indeed the limit, given the global audience you can target as an ecommerce website, you are open for sales on a 24/7 basis. At ALT Agency we have more than 10 years of experience in designing ecommerce websites with a solid understanding of what makes an ecommerce website convert.
  • Further strengthening our position as eCommerce development experts, ALT Agency now offer a dedicated Magento development service. Magento is one of the worlds leading open source eCommerce platforms – So if you are looking to start selling online or have an existing Magento website that you would like to improve, do contact us.
  • PHP is a scripting language most website developers use to improve a website’s functions, which in turns creates efficient websites and dynamic pages. With PHP programming your website can function easily since you are able to change your site’s template with the click of a button, plus, it allows you to have practically whatever you want on your website, from members-only areas to user passwords, and anything dealing with databases. As you can understand, PHP Programming provides you with the means to have an engaging website; and an engaging website drives more traffic, which is interpreted in more potentials sales. With PHP programming it is highly likely that other programmers will find it very hard to work with someone else’s code. ALT Agency has run the extra mile and codes websites in a way any other programmer can easily adjust, if required.
  • If your wordpress website has not brought you the expected return on investment, and if your website –including magento websites– is under-performing with a distinguishing lack of traffic, ALT Agency can turn things around for you. We can get your website perform much better and help drive more customers, gaining leverage over your competitors.
  • Pay Per Click Management & Optimization can certainly rise some serious steam in terms of targeted website traffic. Make sure you get your money’s worth and that your ads are seen by just the right people, rather than individuals that are looking for services or products not related to the one(s) you offer. Increase your sales with targeted traffic, and allow us to show you how it is properly done!

Call us now on 0121 663 0202 or visit our website www.altagency.co.uk