ALT Agency, a web design agency in Birmingham, offer a complete satisfaction guarantee, this helps protect and reassure you, you are always getting a high quality of work.

Most web design companies offer no guarantees to back up their work at all. At ALT Agency we are proud to offer a satisfaction guarantee.

What is a satisfaction guarantee?

Our web design satisfaction guarantee is our promise to you that we will not deliver a website that you are unhappy with. We will always work with you to improve your website design should you not be satisfied and ensure that you are delivered with what you originally asked for.

What does the satisfaction guarantee cover?

Our satisfaction guarantee ensures that

From the minute we have over the website to you, we will offer you free support for 90 days, this includes answering any questions you may have and also fixing any bugs/technical issue that may occur during this 90 day period.

You are guaranteed to receive a website that will provide an excellent user experience across all browsers, perform as agreed in our initial consultation and that all code created in our robust web development phase is secure from hacking and to a web standard.

Your price will never increase from your initial quote, unless additional features are requested outside of the original brief.

You will be working with a Birmingham web design company who aim to please and deliver what you expect. We will not stop working and tweaking your project until it complies with the original project scope and is what you asked and are paying for.

What about a money back guarantee / refund?

You also benefit from a money back guarantee / refund if your website has any fundamental flaws or we are at fault for not being able to deliver what we promised.

You are protected by our payment milestone plan, which ensures you do not pay for work you haven’t checked and approved, this ensures the work is meeting your standards, is on track and allows you to pay only once you have checked and approved all the work at any given milestone.

Before any refunds are given we would try to ensure your project stays on track and to resolve any issues, a refund is always a last resort option.

Having run this 3 point pledge for the last 6 years and being on of the only web development agencies in Birmingham to do so – that we are aware of – We can honestly say that we have only ever had to refund a milestone twice in over 6 years.

We aim to make our web development agency one of the leading development agencies in Birmingham and continue to do so by offering this 3 step pledge.

Please note, this pledge only applies to website development & design work and not SEO or website maintenance