Which HTML editor is the best?

If you have a website but decided not to implement a Content Management System (CMS) they you will need to update it by changing the source code. And to do this you need a HTML editor, below is a quick rundown of the best and most popular HTML editors you can use.

Windows Notepad – A very basic way to update a website is using Windows notepad. To use Windows notepad you simply right click on your HTML file and select “open with” and then Notepad. Whilst Notepad is a small piece of software and very very basic it is recommend for advance HTML coders and not those looking to trouble shoot. Notepad does not have any HTML tag highlighting and so if you have forgotten to close a tag or want to quickly find where and open tag closes then notepad is not the best software to do this.

Notepad ++ – Although named very similar to the above default Windows software, Notepad++ is not made by or associated with windows notepad and it does not bare any similarities. Notepad++ is a top HTML editor that contains all the basics such as line numbers, tag highlighting and auto completion of HTML tags, so the tags autosuggest and close for you as you write them.  One of the great things about Notepad++ is having the ability to click on a tag and the software highlights that tag and also its corresponding open or closed tag, this is great to identify tags at the click of a button. Another great feature of the Notepad++ HTML editor is its ability to edit bulk pages at once, its handy search and replace feature allows you to find a line of code used in all your pages and replace them all at a click of a button.

Notepad++ is really a great HTML editor and one of, if not the best, out there.

Craig - UK Web Designer By Craig Murphy I am the director of Alt Web Design Ltd. With over 10 years’ experience in web design and programming I ensure that your website is optimised to improve your business, sales and profits. I create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.

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