It has been 25 years today since the World Wide Web was born. I still remember locking myself away in my bedroom 12-13 years ago and designing my first ever wrestling fan website using Geocities and Angelfire.

The web and web development has changed a lot since then and become an integrated part of everyday life.

Web developers have really innovated and driven the web since it’s inception. The possibilities of developing a website from a vision in your mind is now more possible than ever.

Web development companies have come a long way since the start of the web, with more and more people taking an interest in website development and offering programming services – Websites are now more affordable than ever – A true testament to how the web has evolved on its 25th Birthday.

Here’s a few of the key milestones over the last 25 years:

1989 – AOL launches messenger chat with the timeless greeting “you’ve got mail” which led to a film of the same name.

1991 – The first ever live webcam stream shows a coffee pot so that researchers could see when a fresh pot of coffee had been made!

1994 – One of the first online purchases takes place via a Pizza Hut website in which a sale for a pepperoni with mushrooms and extra cheese is purchased!

1995 – Amazon, craigslist and all debut online

1996 – Hotmail email service launches

1997 – Netflix and Godaddy launch, becomes registered as a domain name

1998 – AOL sends every home on the planet a CD-ROM for their service taking their member total to over 16million

1999- Napster launches and is swiftly banned by many colleges before eventually being shut down after a well-publicised legal battle.

2000 – The dot-com bust happens as investors lose hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars.

2001 – Wikipedia launches

2003 – Apple launch itunes with 200,00 songs. is launched along with WordPress, Skype and Linkedin

2004 – facebook launched along with Mozilla firefox.

2005 – YouTube is launched on Valentines day.

2006 – Google buys YouTube, Twitter launches.

2007 – First iPhone launched

2008 – Groupon launches along with the Apple app store. HTML5 introduced to the web.

2009 – Viral videos launch everyday people into internet superstars

2010 – Pintrest and Instagram launch

2011 – Google+ launches, Microsoft buys Skype

2012 – Facebook tops 1 billion users, Ecommerce sales top $1 trillion worldwide.

2013 – Apple app store downloads top 40 billion!

2014 – Facebook buys whatsapp for $19billion and the WWW turns 25