Who are Eazyl?

Eazyl is a first of its kind. The brain child of John Sewell, Eazyl is an online Art broker that connects sellers with buyers and charge 0% sales commissions.

Eazyl combines eCommerce with social networking. Allowing members to sign up to monthly accounts, list their art for sale under the relevant categories and then allow the public to buy, securely, through the website.

After meeting with John to discuss the exact requirements we fine tuned the buying process by adding in a PayPal stage to ensure both buyer and seller are happy with their transaction. Adding in PayPal gives an extra layer of protection to both parties as well as John as the money is processed by a third party and the buyers benefit from the PayPal protection scheme – This also helps prevent fraudulent transactions. Adding in a social network element is what really brings this website to life. Not only can buyers view the wide range of beautiful artwork, but they can also favourite art work and contact the artist directly to ask questions about the pieces of art work before purchasing.

Having a community helps build trust amongst both sellers and buyers which in turn will help increase the number of transactions through the website.

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Screenshot of the Eazyl website

After Launch

Since launching we have kept a close relationship with the team at Eazyl and advised them on digital marketing activities to help their growth.

Eazyl continues to grow and now has hundreds of members and artists using the platform.

Massive thanks to the team at ALT Agency. I couldn’t have launched my business without their hard work and guidance.

Their attention to detail, flexibility and desire to create a great site were invaluable.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to start an online business. Looking forward to working with them again in the future!

Celia Matthews, Founder