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Client Profile: Extreme Sports Company

EXTREME – one of the UK’s leading extreme sports brands, originally asked us to carry out a small web design task for them back in 2012. Since then, we’ve become their main agency partner and work with them on a daily basis to nurture and improve their online presence.
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As their web design agency of choice, we work with EXTREME to add new functionality to their websites, upload new content and turn the graphics from the company’s artwork department into fully functional websites. We do all of this as part of a wider strategy which is focused on improving conversion rates, increasing online exposure and ultimately growing sales on a long- term basis.

By taking all of these tasks off their hands, the staff at EXTREME can also spend less time worrying about web maintenance and more time focusing on growing their brand range.

Alongside this, we continue to provide SEO consultation to push their website higher up the Google rankings for their chosen search terms. By and fine-tuning SEO strategies on an on-going basis, their rankings have improved to drive traffic towards their website and steadily increase sales.

Since working with EXTREME, they have expanded to become one of the leading extreme sports brands with a range of new products including energy and sports drinks.


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