Who Are Video Plugger?

Videoplugger is an international film production company who source and license video footage to major media outlets around the globe. Our task was to re-design their existing website and give them a backend that allows them to update their website with complete ease.

After spending some time with Videoplugger creative director Ebba Eriksson we concluded that the best solution for their website was to build it upon WordPress – Due to it’s ease of use and ability to scale in the future with the click of a few buttons.

A key improvement of the Videoplugger website was not only the new, bigger, bolder, cleaner design that now gave them a mobile website presence, but the restructuring of content and the user journey which now grouped content more clearly and got the user from homepage to licensing content in just a few simple clicks.

The new Videoplugger website structure allows users to find categories of a wide range of archived content, view a list of other services offered by Videoplugger to compliment their footage licensing and also view the huge list of impressive clients such as HBO, ITN, Yahoo!, CNBC and Discovery channel.

Delivering on our promise we used a premium WordPress plugin to allow Ebba and the team at Videoplugger to update their website without needing to know a single line of code.

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The Video Plugger website screenshot
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Screenshot of the Video Plugger website

After Launch

Video Plugger continue to go from strength to strength with their business and since launch the website has been performing very well for them. Video Plugger have even entered a new market with a new website we have built for them which is due to launch shortly.

Video Plugger continue to work with us and utilise our website maintenance service to ensure their website stays up to date and safe and secure from hackers.

They are very helpful and provide a professional service, ALT Agency listen to your needs and are able to put the ideas given them into practice. Great pricing and good after care. Would recommend.

Ebba Eriksson, Video Plugger