A second look at 2017 web design trends!

Web design trends keep the web moving, just 10 years ago we had the web 2.0 movement, through web 3.0 in the last several years, could 2017 see web design taking a new direction and a new trend dominating?

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There’s a lot of talk about the trends for web design in 2017. If you read our previous article – 2017 Web Design Trends & Predictions – Then you will know some of the expected trends, but here’s 3 more that may gain momentum in 2017.

App inspired design? 

Could designs be more inspired by apps? We’ve already seen some similarities, particularly with navigation menus and login screens… could this trend spread further into the web design process for 2017? With mobile usage on the rise year on year and the desktop computer expected to eventually become obsolete it would make sense for desktop designs to become more app inspired as we take a mobile first approach to design and working backwards to desktop computers (the soon to be dinosaur?!).

Unforgiving & Impatient users?

2017 could be the year that users expect more on-demand and without technical or user interface issues. The web has moved incredibly fast the last 12 months and this will only continue, could this rapidly paced development lead users to expect websites to work quicker in 2017? Keeping those designs super user friendly, scaled back and mobile first will be the way forward. Keep mobile first in mind more than ever for web design trends 2017!

More domination from the big 2?

As Google and Facebook battle it out with new developments & acquisitions could a 2017 web design trend see Facebook & Google gain even more market share and find ways to make their websites even more “sticky” and as an all in one hub for users? If so, we could see users spending far longer time on either platform as there one stop shop for everything.

What do you think will be top web design trends of 2017?