Website trends are continually changing and what was ‘hot’ a few years ago is now often ‘not’. With some changes becoming classics and sticking around, others can be classified more as fads and are often out of the window not long after they materialise.

But the fact is this: If you have a website, it needs to be seen to be current and on trend. After all, very often it is the first way of new clients judging you so let it look old and jaded at your peril.

But as a business looking to keep up with the competition, what should you be looking for your web designer to do in order to stop you slipping behind? By using a top design studio, if you are not sure what you want, they will be able to advise you. Whether you are a new client or a regular, once they have a handle on your business, they will be able to recommend how you can keep your online face looking fresh, up-to-date and on-trend.

Of course, this does not mean that the basics of your website should suffer. As with most web design changes, there will always be the steadfast constructs that act as the lynchpin upon which everything else is balanced.

Taking all of this into account, we have had a look at what is coming your way for 2019. Here are just a few of the website and UX design trends that you may want to look out for:

Typography just got exciting

2019 web design font trends
This is one of the areas of web design that constantly moves forward and 2019 will certainly see some great advances. It won’t be hard to spot the extra-large fonts that fill the page, allowing your brand to really stand out in all senses of the word. Fonts are going to become dramatic and daring with no holds barred. It will no longer be about the font you choose but how you use it. Bespoke fonts will also come to the fore, as already seen in 2018 with Uber and Airbnb etc.

Credit: Firestarter

Cracking the grid

2019 css grid predictions
This is a trend that has started and is going to continue with the usual website layout ‘grid’ being regarded as far more versatile. It is no longer written in stone that everything on your site has to stay inline; think freestyle and breaking the grid and you will be much closer to this new development. The more modern websites are already running with this and others are sure to follow suit. The end result is going to be far that many more unique websites come to the fore.

Credit: Jen Simmons

Illustrations vs images

illustration web design trend in 2019
Look around and you will begin to see websites with far more illustrations instead of images. This changes the whole feel, making the site feel more arty, practical and friendly. It provides web designers with an easy way of adding character and when illustrations are bespoke to suit the brand, there really are no boundaries. Colours within the illustrations can be as vibrant and lively as you wish, throwing stuffy corporate out of the window and encouraging viewers to want to know more.

Credit: Absurd

Bright and bold colour blocks

bright colour web design trend
2019 is definitely going to be the year for lots of bright arenas of colour with tones flowing into each other. The Google palette is much loved by web designers as it not only provides a tremendous selection but it is so simple to pick and choose which elements of tints, shades and paint box hues to go with. For a designer, colour is a vitally important tool, allowing them to influence the actions and emotions of site viewers. With impressions and decisions being made in just a few seconds, web developers can use colour to communicate and in 2019, their choices are going to be bright and beautiful. Used correctly, these colours are great for illustrating calls-to-action but bold colours must be used sparingly as too much can be overkill.

Credit: Sikkema

Organic and natural shapes

organic shape web design trend
Most web designers will tell you that they use shapes to create depth within a layout, to communicate emotion or even as symbols of something more complex. As the New Year comes our way, sharp geometric shapes are out and they are going to become far more organic, fluid and flowing. If this sounds like it could fit your brand personality and characteristics, discuss with your web designer.

Credit: Ariful Islam

Interactive backgrounds

When things move we naturally look at them. Even when the TV is switched on and we are not watching it, things moving on the screen pull us in that direction. Brand designers understand this which is why putting video onto your website is always a good idea. Whether you use an interactive background, animation or any type of moving image, your page viewers will love it. Just make sure that it is unique to you, reflects your brand and blends in with the rest of the site.

Simple design

Think minimalist and unfussy. This can make a huge impact and be incredibly memorable. Apple do this in a great way. The less complex your website design, the more focused your audience can be. Experienced designers know when it is OK to use white space and clearly focused messages. It’s all about getting the point across in an understated way.

Getting ready for change

By looking at web trends coming through in 2019 you can be prepared and ready to make changes to your site if needed. You don’t need to jump on the bandwagon purely because these things are ‘in’ as they have to fit your brand. But if they do, consult with your web designer and get their feedback on how to proceed. If a trend is out there with your name on it, don’t make the mistake of missing out. New trends are going to come in thick and fast and brands with their eye on the goal are going to be looking for on-point web designers to enable them to make use of what is out there.

Most of all, by working with a good website designer, they will enable you to understand how these web trends for 2019 can impact positively upon the success of your business.

This is just what we expect to be the tip of the iceberg for 2019 web design trends. Come June there will be a lot more trends in place, but the early signs for web design trends in 2019 are all pointing to the above.

Bright and bold colours and certainly appearing more and more in 2019 as is the increase in range of fonts being used.

The top 2017 web design trends article that we wrote about also have over a 90% hit rate in terms of trends predicted that came true.

What gives us confidence in these predictions is that we have been predicting these trends for the last 5 years or more and had on average an 85% success rate. Offering web design in birmingham, ALT Agency specialise in creating beautiful websites that generate you a return on investment. Interested in getting a new website? Then speak with ALT Agency on 0121 663 0202 – One of the leading web design companies in birmingham.

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