Local SEO has recently been enjoying it’s time in the limelight, which is great news for those who rely on it and those looking to master it. Google recently announced a 210% increase in searches like “stores open now” or “food open now” and a 130% increase in searches such as “where to find/buy/get”. This is great news as Google now appears to be taking local search very seriously and are actively trying to build up more local data and reviews on businesses.

With the roll out of “Google Posts” – a new feature in trials that allows businesses to post content directly into the Google search results feed and Google aiming to be more than just a search engine and mobile searches over taking desktop, it is worth taking local SEO seriously and here’s 3 ways you can master local seo:

Data Accuracy – Your business name, address and phone number all help with your local ranking. There are other factors outside of your control, but these are the 3 you should focus on. It is important that you ensure these are consistent across all platforms and across all pages of your website. Google can pick up on the inconsistencies and this can harm your local SEO.

Embrace Google products – There appears to be a number of well respected experts who say that there is a “direct correlation” between those who use multiple Google products and those who have a well optimised local SEO listing. Brock Murray of digital marketing agency Seoplus+, says “Embed a Google map on your contact page and link to your Google My Business page. Add Google Indoor Maps and/or Interior View to provide even more information and value. Embed YouTube videos and link to your YouTube watch page or channel. Ensure that all of these individual pages are optimized and consistent with each other in all details, including the formatting of your name, address [and] place.”

3 Local Directory Listings – Are another way to get your address and phone number out there on the web consistently. Local directory lists work best, so ensure that you have as many listings showing your correct address and phone number as these work best.

Local SEO is booming and Google Places is leading the way, ensure you employ the 3 ways to master local seo above, measure it and share with us your success stories.