Your competitors are on the first page of Google, Why aren’t you?

Here we will mention at least five online marketing strategies that will surely get you ranked very highly on Google. Remember being on the first page is crucial. That’s where it counts. I mean it’s quite self-explanatory isn’t it. Google are only going to rank you highly if they find there is a high correlation between what the customer is typing in Google, for example red lipstick and the very content you write on your website pages. So yes it does start from content. If you get this wrong, doing too less of your key words or even going over board and doing too much of your keyword mentions, Google will penalise you. So look at the list below and try and deploy at least three to make your virtual presence a good one.


1. Search Engine Optimisation. This comprises on page and off page SEO. This task is not as easy as people think because it requires consistent management and updates. So writing compelling, engaging and industry specific content not only on the pages of your web site but requires you to actively engage on various social media platforms, lengthy articles &blog posts, coupled with linking your website to high authority sites is only the beginning. Many outsource industry experts to do this highly demanding task that requires time, focus and vision.

2. OK the next big thing is Google Paper click adverts. Many are now in agreements that this will take over the organic way of getting your site ranked on Google and I heavily disagree here initially. Thus, Many folk do not even look at the top three ads and we are conditioned at a psychological level to select from the top four non paid ad’s which appear directly below. So this process to convert very quickly to the pay per click ad’s at a macro level will certainly be a long winded process especially from an end user’s perspective. But I think after this transition takes place Pay per click will overrule the organic markets. This is obviously because by over throwing the originally loved organic search results, Google will generate more surplus by doing this.

3. I’m not going to exhaust this list but using Affiliate Marketing programs means the affiliates will create another URL and promote your products and services with the initiative of getting a small commission if one buys through his or hers URL. This is a great idea as there will be several URLs promoting your products and services.

4. Email Marketing is just the older version of Facebook if we think of its very structures. We can forward an email, whereas Facebook uses a new term, share. Again one can like or not like on Facebook. This is the same as the subscribe and unsubscribe features of an email. So if planned out properly an email marketing campaign coupled with a telemarketing scheme will work wonders to generate new leads and prospects via your online presence.

5. You tube videos. Did you know YouTube, is the second largest search engine leaving the likes of AOL, Bing and Yahoo lagging behind. I really strongly urge businesses to create a  You tube channel promoting your products, services in such a way that you’re solving your customer qualms and worries, not just going for the hard sales tactics. In this way you will be creating value, substance, and character to your brand. Hope this helps. At ALT agency we want to help you grow your business, generate new customers to your website and we do this by providing you with strong theoretical knowledge from an insiders’ perspective.

Craig - UK Web Designer By Craig Murphy I am the director of Alt Web Design Ltd. With over 10 years’ experience in web design and programming I ensure that your website is optimised to improve your business, sales and profits. I create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.

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