Your contact form is one of your most valuable elements on your website, but did you know that your form could actually be putting people off contacting you?

Don’t worry, use the below stats and information to help improve your form and watch your conversions grow almost immediately:

Form length matters – Forms that require your visitor to fill out only 3 fields convert better than those with 4 or more fields. Expedia reportedly removed 1 form field, the “Company name” field and saw an increase of $12million in profits!

Don’t call me! – Forms that ask for a phone number have an average 5% drop in conversions, if it is not essential for you to have your clients phone number then do not ask for it and watch your conversions increase.

Optional – adding the word “optional” next to form fields also helps increase conversions

Don’t Submit! – Using the word “submit” has shown to have an effect of reducing conversions by 3%!! Whilst the words “Click Here” were shown to increase conversions by 30%!!

So has your contact form been under-performing or making any of the mistakes above? Why not try one or two of the changes mentioned above? You should see conversions increase by as much as 3% almost immediately.

Let us know how you get on, we love hearing your success stories!

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