ALT Agency is your Digital Agency partner, based in Birmingham and specialising in online marketing and web design & website development.

We help ambitious companies grow online through a fully integrated digital marketing strategy. Working with both B2B & B2C businesses we help you drive traffic that converts to sales and leads.

Using a range of inbound and outbound tactics, our digital marketing service is aimed at attracting, converting and satisfying the visitors to your website.

We do this by:

As your digital agency partner we aim to provide you with a return on investment. Our automation and analysis software will show you where each and every pound of marketing budget has been spent and what the return on investment is, making it easy for you to not overspend and to be able to track where your budget goes.

Working with WordPress as a core platform, one of our top services is WordPress design.

Research conducted by Smart Insights reportedly shows that 47% of businesses do not have a set digital marketing plan or strategy in place. It is important for the smallest and largest businesses to keep a document outlining their online digital activities as it helps keep track with all objectives and activity results.


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So, what is a digital marketing strategy?

In simple terms, a digital marketing strategy is a plan of the steps you will be taking throughout your digital marketing activities.

Think of it as a small series of steps that will ring you closer to your set goals.


3 parts to an effective digital marketing strategy

The first step of any plan is to define your measurable goals. This is really simple and just by asking yourself a question as simple as “what does your business want to achieve” will set you on the right path.

The second part to defining your goals is to start breaking your bigger goals down into smaller actionable steps that can be measured and provide stepping stones to your overall goal.

The second step is to Plan Ahead. What are your main priorities? What is your message? What media will you use? Who do you need as part of your team to execute?

You will also need to decide over what period you plan for, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 3 years? There is no right or wrong answer, but once decided you should set daily action plans and weekly reviews to measure the success of your digital campaign.

The third and final step of your plan is to execute and measure your results.

Your team should be in place and marketing messages ready to test on your market through your chosen media. At first there may be trial and error, maybe a lot, maybe a little – it depends how detailed and well thought out your plan is.

You may also find somethings don’t work as well as expected and somethings work better than expected so your plan may look a little different to how its written down, this is all part of digital marketing, and testing what works and what doesn’t is all part of the fun.

Typically, if something doesn’t one then it’s down to either Market, Message or Media. They tend to be the 3 core backbones of any campaign, so experiment with them.

Measuring your digital marketing efforts should be rather straight forward. By setting your weekly reviews and KPI’s you can measure what’s working and what’s not.

Remember to measure only the metrics that measure, don’t focus on “vanity metrics” such as your digital marketing activities generating you more “likes” on your Facebook page. It may increase your leads in the long run, but if it isn’t one of the core measurement metrics you set at the start of your planning process do not add it in and be dragged into the false assumption you are getting closer to your goal.

As Digital Marketing Birmingham experts, we know that your strategy can be that first step needed in organising your efforts and taking that first step to achieving your bigger goals.

By adding a digital marketing plan to your business and following it up weekly, you are setting yourself up for success. Reports suggest that only 37% of businesses have a yearly digital marketing strategy and it would be interesting to see how many of those actually see it through over 12 months.

Your digital marketing plan will help you stop throwing mud at the wall and provide you with a step by step guide that is measurable and gets you closer to your goals.


Should you need help with your digital marketing plan, then the team here at ALT – Digital Agency Birmingham – will only be happy to sit down with you and discuss your requirements, please contact us on 0121 663 0202

Working with a digital agency in 2019 is a lot different to working with one back in 2015.

Whilst there are a number of design companies in Birmingham, you will need to sit down with your chosen web design agency and really plan out all of the finer detail that you require in your web design project.

A digital agency should be fun, vibrant and focused not only on the latest trends but also conversion rate optimisation. Not all digital agencies are about having grass for carpets and swings as office chairs, they vary from design agency to design agency and some web design companies keep it very basic and focus on delivering quality work with an incredible project management experience, but simple office space.

Make sure that your chosen web design company understands your requirements and can elaborate on out clearly in a few short sentences – if they can’t, then the chances are that they don’t understand your project and may not be the right digital agency / team of web designers for you.