Expert Opinion: 2017 Digital Marketing Trends

2016 has seen some incredible Digital Marketing Trends, from Augmented Reality to live video streaming.

Below are my personal thoughts and insights into the expected rise in 2017 Digital Marketing Trends.

An increase in Augmented Reality – Pokémon Go saw augmented reality really find its place in modern day life. Although interest in the game has already started to die off, it has shown us that users/consumers are ready for augmented reality and it has also shown us marketers that the potential to use augmented reality; particularly in advertising is about to gain even more momentum with the possibilities set to be almost endless.

Live Video streaming will become a key player – Users behaviour is already pointing to more restlessness and an insatiable appetite for on-demand content. Live Video streaming I believe will be the biggest of the 2017 digital marketing trends. Although already gaining some momentum, 2017 I believe will see live video streaming hit new higher peaks, higher than ever imagined before.

Personalisation will be EVERYWHERE! – This has been talked about for years and I believe 2017 could be the tipping point that not only emails (not that they really are much) will become personalised. This will mean that all of your marketing touchpoints will need to be personalised based on the data you gather about your users throughout their journey with you and also ensuring that your website and whole marketing journey, purchase journey, conversion funnel etc. are all streamlined and personalised to individuals.

Artificial intelligence to boom – AI is already around us. But a fuller integration into websites will be key to understanding customer behaviour and optimising your website around it. Google already uses AI to an extent and this will become more and more widespread throughout 2017. The deep and automated learning will be of huge benefit to digital marketers in 2017 and AI will be one of top 2017 Digital Marketing Trends to watch.