In the last week Google has rolled out another update, this one is referred to as “Google Pigeon” and is having an impact on local search results. The update reportedly hasn’t rolled out worldwide yet… but many are seeing changes…

Not much is known about this update as of yet, so what are the changes we know of so far?

Early reports suggest a big change in local search results being removed. Local listings are seen as below and early reports suggest fewer results are being shown in this local listing area.


Local search results are set to become more dependent on domain authority – so things such as domain age, backlinks etc. are all set to play a bigger role in local listings.

Yelp seems to of been given a boost – Yelp is now reportedly ranking better than it was and so being listed in this and other powerful directory’s are a way to remain near the top of Google and maintain traffic.
What to do if you have been affected:
Firstly, if you have noticed a sharp drop n traffic lately then it could be down to Pigeon, to recover try a short term PPC campaign to maintain your traffic and also focus on white-hat seo techniques such as link building and SEO.

Secondly get listed in directories, Yelp, Tripadvisor and Urbanspoon all seem to of done well out of the pigeon update so ensure you are listed in all top directories.

Thirdly, optimise your Google+ and Google places account. Ensure you have a Google + profile for your business and include your local phone number, address and post code.

Fourth add your local keywords to your website title tag – early reports suggest this has given an extra boost to local search results.

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