Checking manually for your websites position in search engines can be a long and daunting process, you will be glad to know that you can find out the position of any website url, for any keyword, in any search engine, in just a few minutes.

A way to check online

A great way to check your search engine placements online is via a website called

This website allows you to enter the URL you are trying to find the position of along with the keywords and also a competitors URL, so that you can easily compare your search engine rankings to that of your competitor.

The results of this online test also show you the top 40 websites for each of the 3 major search engines and lets you do quick keyword and url comparisons, which can help you improve your SEO

I have found that resource to be the most efficient way of checking my keyword rankings online.

A way to check offline

There is lots of available software that you can download to your desktop and use to monitor your SEO, but the best one that I have found and the way I recommend you check your search engine rankings is with a piece of software called SEO Powersuite.

This software offers a free (but limited) version that is sufficient enough for you to use. The paid version of this software allows you to save your previous sessions and compare them over a period of time, which is a brilliant way to see the gains and losses of your seo campaign.

SEO powersuite comes with 4 main parts: Rank Checker, Spyglass, Link Assistant and Website Auditor.

Rank checker allows you to simply enter your URL, keywords and search engines you wish to check, it then performs a scan and shows your results in a simple and easy to understand chart.

Spyglass allows you to do something quite clever… it allows you to enter the keyword you wish to rank well for, your competitors URL and then it shows all of the backlinks to your competitors website. This is pretty useful, if you see backlinks from directory’s and forums etc. you can go and place your own links in the same places, where possible!

Link assistant searches the web for websites that it feels are suitable places for you to submit back links to.

Website auditor scans your website for issues that would negatively affect your SEO, missing title tags, h1 tags and broken links are all found and reported, giving you valuable and powerful information at your finger tips.


If you have ever asked yourself “how can i find out my search engine position” then this article will answer that question for you and explain exactly how you can find not only your own search engine rankings but also that of your competitors.

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