During the post “How can I find out my search engine rankings?” I mentioned a piece of software called SEO Powersuite and a clever tool it comes with called SEO spyglass.

SEO Powersuite can help you find out what your competitors SEO rankings are. Firstly the software comes with something called Rank checker, you can use this to enter any website address and any keywords to get the search engine placements for that particular website. Typically this is used to check your own rankings, but you can just as easily enter a competitors URL and do it that way.

Another way to check is by visiting http://www.seocentro.com/tools/search-engines/keyword-position.html This great little resource allows you to enter your website address, the keywords you wish to rank well for and also a competitors website address to compare your website to theirs.

Now with SEO spyglass this enables you to do something really good. If you recall my earlier posts about SEO, then you will know that backlinks/incoming links are a powerful factor in SEO. So if your competitor is higher placed in Google than you, then they have more powerful backlinks thank you. To find out what backlinks they have use SEO Spyglass which comes with SEO Powersuite. This allows you to enter your competitors website address and see all of the incoming links that they have, you can then check these links out and ask them to carry your website url, giving you more incoming links and more power in the search engines.

And that is how you can find out where your competitors rank in the major search engines.

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