How often should you post to Social Media?

Social media can be confusion, not least when you ask yourself how often should you post to social media? With the many platforms, it can get even more confusing when you need to work out what content you should post and more importantly how often you should post to social media.

Pintrest, according to research is at the top of everyone’s list with a recommended 5 posts per day to achieve maximum engagement.

Twitter, comes in with 3 posts per day, with research suggesting that after 3 tweets, engagement drops. However, the life time of a tweet is very short – 24-60 minutes in fact!

Facebook comes on, what I would consider, a surprising third with just a recommended 2 posts per day. After that point research suggests likes and comments drop off. A typical Facebook posts will of reached 75% of your audience within 3 hours and after that start to drop off into the dark abyss of the world wide web!

When making posts in groups, such as on Linkedin, it’s advisable to make tweaks to your content. A lot users tend to join similar related groups and so will see your duplicate posts across the groups, so just by changing the headline and the descriptive text it can help engagement and help to avoid you looking like a spammer.

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