You may think it sounds impossible “increasing enquiries by over 300%, but it really wasn’t.

You may not believe that there is 1 single fix that could produce such a huge return and that it’s an accumulation of small changes that add up to the overall big gains, usually we would agree, but not this time.

Here are 2 images below that represent the change we made:




Pretty simple to spot what the change was and indeed it was a simple thing for us to not consider in the first place.

Tired of the belief that a “contact us” page is all that you need, hearing the old “if they want to contact you they’ll click the contact us page – it’s obvious”. Or was it that obvious? Are web users perhaps a little lazy?

We decided to test adding our phone number and email address to the top menu bar and make it clear as day for people to contact us. It could not be more simple and obvious than this.

It turned out we were right and people are a little lazy. Since adding the email and phone number to our top menu bar our conversions have increased over 300%. It is now pretty rare for us to receive a contact message through our “contact us” page – All enquiries come direct to the email in the navigation or the phone rings a lot more than it used too!

Our conclusion on this little test is that people don’t want to fill forms out, they don’t want to click through to contact us pages, they want 1 click in their face options and that’s exactly what they we’re given and the result? Over 300% increase in enquiries.