A little infographic I found explaining 2016 Web Design trends.



2017 Update:

2016 was a great year for web design trends and now as we reach the end of 2017 is good to look back and see how these predictions turned out.

#1 – Semi-Flat design really took off and continued into 2017, this is a big trend but will it continue in 2018? Dynamic colours have been a big part of designs in 2017, but one thing we saw was the reduction in the use of shadows, to produce much clearer infographics.

#2 Custom Drawn Illustrations – Was a bit of a flash in the plan and we didn’t really see it dominate as much as expected.

#3 Cinemagraph – With the use of CDN and small video sizes videos have and continue to grow year and year. This trend was almost a given and we saw videos dominate the headers of websites and we are sure that video will continue to be sued heavily into 2018 to tell stories and get a business’s message across.

#4 Storytelling really got bigger during 2017 – Telling a story is now a key part of most, well most international brands messaging, the act of educating and softly selling through a story and using brand ambassadors has really helped a number of retailers sell more online.

Although we predicted the downfall of the hamburger menu and the parallax website… they continue to hold great momentum a web design tend which is sure to continue into the first quarter of 2018.

Whilst a number of these trends took off right away, some were slow burners, but soon we head into 2020 which will bring with it a raft of new web design trends for 2020.

From full screen forms all the way through to micro interactions 2020 certainly looks to be a great year for web design and users looking for a better online experience.