Straight from the ALT HQ in Birmingham, comes this handy Conversion Rate Optimisation Infographic.

A handy, digestible, follow up to our Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimisation post, this infographic lets you know all the key points in an easy to understand way.

Enjoy the below infographic, should you have any questions about your website or digital marketing please feel free to email us and join in the discussion in the comments below.

Be sure to make Conversion Rate Optimisation an integrated part of your digital strategy. Think of your website as a living breathing asset.

In need of constant attention, your website will generate you a far better return if you pay attention to the core elements of Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Remember to always test small, test 1 measurable element at a time and give it time to collect the relevant data.

If you have very little traffic to your website, then your CRO tests will take a little longer. Try to collect data and make conclusions from as much data as possible, ideally over 500 visits to your experiment.

Making a conclusion from only 10-15 visits will not give you very accurate test results.

Remember, if your test doesn’t work, then GREAT, scrap it and onto the next one and never ever stop testing.