Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often one of the horror stories we here about on an almost weekly basis.

Time and time again we hear from prospects who have burned their marketing budget on SEO for little to no return and if that wasn’t enough, it quite often turns out that their SEO provider has been using underhanded tactics such as Black Hat SEO and they have been penalised by Google.

The latest update to effect search engine rankings is Penguin 4.0 which now works in real time, so if you do get a penalty or fall down the rankings you will know about it almost instantly.

One of the main things that we hear from people is that they have an SEO company working on their SEO and they have no idea what their keywords are or what their keyword rankings are…! A pretty fundamental part of any campaign is to know your keywords and where they rank… at the very least to see your progress.

As SEO experts Birmingham, we have put together for you this short blog post that explains what you need to know when choosing SEO in Birmingham.

Understanding your needs.

SEO is not a one size fits all, each and every company will have a different set of requirements. Most companies start off thinking the generic keyword such as “SEO Birmingham” are what they should be targeting but fail to understand that there is money and traffic to be gained from long tail keywords such as “SEO Company in Harborne, Birmingham”.

That is why at the very first stage we sit down with you, understand what your SEO is currently doing for you, find out where you currently rank and research the optimal keywords based on your suggestions.

Your plan and map forward

The second step is to put together a measure plan of action that details the actions we will be taking to optimise your website both internally and externally.

During this stage your website will be the subject of several tests whereby an on page score out of 100 is generated which shows how optimised your website is for your chosen keywords. Changes are then made to your website around this report to ensure your website is fully optimised around your chosen keywords, else the SEO will take far longer.

Tracking Progress

You will be given access to a keyword dashboard which highlights all of your keywords, shows where they rank today and a full history of where they have ranked since your SEO began.

This is one of the most fundamental parts of any SEO campaign – being able to track from day 1 what your keywords are and where they are positioned, without it you have no real way of knowing where your chosen keywords rank.

SEO in Birmingham

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