SEO is still king!

Although PPC is a very close second, SEO still appears to the #1 player for inbound marketing.

With SEO, content is king, although it can be tiring to create lots of content it, is the #1 way to feed the Google machine what it wants.

Study suggests that 93% of online experiences begin with a search/search engine and that 70% of the links that web users are clicking are organic and not paid.

Here’s a few ideas to help you get a move on creating some killer content to feed the Google Monster.

1 – Google Keyword Planner – Will form the foundation to your SEO campaign. Totally free, this tool will allow you to research your keywords and show you how competitive a particular phrase is along with estimated costs per click.

2 – Competition Analysis – Tools such as and allow you to easily spy on your competitors. At the click of a mouse you can get their keyword data, estimated search traffic, list of backlinks, details on any Pay Per Click they are doing and also…. View copies of the PPC adverts that they have been running.

3 – Content creation – There are tons of resources out there to help you with content creation. There are so many types of content that you can distribute from writing, to PDF’s to infographics and visuals. Some good places to start are and  All of these services offer free to low cost entry points to enable you to choose your content topic and create and distribute it far quicker than you could on your own.

4 – Checking those rankings! – It’s important to know where you rank and for what keywords, so have a simple tool that allows you track all your keywords and the URLs that rank for them.

The above are just a few ways you can start improving your SEO. Content is still king and is still a major part to any SEO campaign. By using the above to identify keywords, identify target and monitor your progress, you can sharper up your SEO campaign with complete ease and make content creation and distribution a pleasure.