The Benefits of PHP Development

As a PHP Developer (something I have been for the last 16 years) it’s easy for me to advise clients down the route of developing their websites in PHP… often I get asked what PHP is and why we use it.

So I thought I’d put together this short bog post outlining why you should use PHP development and the benefits of PHP development

PHP is FREE – There are no special licenses required for the coding or web hosting, a pretty big benefit to most businesses.

Supply & Demand – You will find a ton of very experienced PHP programmers available, so should you ever need to find one quickly then there are many available.

That does not mean they are necessarily good, but there’s lots of them available.

Other languages such as ASPX or .NET tend to have a lower availability of developers available, thus making them more expensive.

ASP developers tend to charge a premium on their hourly rate because it is so specialised!


Global community – PHP is open source and has a global community of develops constantly pushing the language and of course offering valuable input and support.

There are thousands and thousands of online resources available for you to read up on, free tutorials and code-snippets are widely available.


Security – Many hackers try to attack websites for no apparent reason other than to cause disruption.

PHP offers many levels of security to make your website safe and secure from hackers & prevent SQL injections.


Supported Globally across all browsers – PHP is the foundation that most websites and software such as WordPress is built upon.

PHP is supported across all major browsers and devices including mobile and tablet devices.


So as you can see, the benefits of PHP development range across a wide specturm, not least the fact that it’s free. PHP is easy to use, cheaper in the long run and respected by a wide community of developers and thats it for todays list: the benefits of PHP development.


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