If you read my previous article Ecommerce Crash Course #2 – Use a POWERFUL product image then you will know how using highly desirable images is a proven way to boost your online sales. If you are serious about improving your sales then since reading the above article you would of replaced all of the old lifeless images on your website with ones that stimulate your visitor.

In this article I want to talk about the product descriptions, in particular writing product descriptions that are so powerful and desirable, your customer can’t help but be drawn in.

Descriptions start LONG before a visitor has landed on your product page. Let’s say for example I do a quick online search for “apple mac book air”, Again I will use apple as an example as their marketing is world class, in the search results you see a strong blue title followed by 2 lines of text beneath it. This is often the first point of contact a potential customer has with your website and if that page title and META description aren’t powerful enough, if it isn’t irresistibly click worthy then they will not even give your website a chance.

The page title and meta description requires a lot of thought as it is often the first contact your visitor has with your site; do you really want to turn customers away from your website BEFORE they have even clicked onto it?

I’ve already written an article in the past called “How to use website title tags” that I advise you read, it is from this article you will find out how you can set your title and description to display in search results like the above image.

Remember: Make your titles click worthy; stimulate emotions, state facts, benefits, create curiosity, stimulate some sort of emotion or reaction that drives your customer to click your link!

So that’s optimising your product descriptions before a visitor has even landed onto your product page, now let’s talk about how to write killer descriptions that sell a product on your actual product page.

First and foremost, USE IMAGES, I’ve blogged about this before and can’t stress it enough, look how apple combine a powerful image with an incredible simple description

Don’t confuse specifications with benefits

A dual core processor is not a benefit, it’s a specification of a product and quite often you will see on ecommerce websites, particularly those that sell high tech products lots of specs…. And to most people they mean nothing… Imagine you don’t know what a dual core processor is and you land on a website selling a laptop that states its Dual core processor i7 3.3 GHZ… it’s another language to most, instead you need to actually sell the benefit, what the end result of that dual core processor is:

The latest in processing power means no more slow computers, our new and improved processor speeds up every day computing and makes running multiple programs smoother than ever before.

You get a clearer picture of what the end goal is.

Do not confuse benefits with technical specs, if you must display the technical specs of your product on your product page, use a simple tabbing system like https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-pavilion-p6-2260ea-desktop-pc-14134712-pdt.html  ALWAYS push the benefits, THE END RESULT THE PRODUCT DELIVERS.

Of course you can apply the same principle to clothes.. Next.co.uk do it very well in the below image, instead of making the main focus the fact that the item is 50% cotton or 50% cashmere or whatever, they use a seductive and engaging description that draws you in.

Another important factor to take into account with descriptions is to always keep them real to the customer, for example, state product sizes, weights and even go as far as stating what the model in the picture is wearing

Combine the powerful images I spoke about in my previous article with some powerful and seductive descriptions full of end benefits and watch your sales increase!