Previously covered in this series was Use a POWERFUL product image and Writing descriptions that sell, this next part is all about using videos to further maximise those conversions.

Video can be easily integrated into any website and compliment the use of powerful product images with ease. Statistics show that 52% of online buyers feel that a video makes them feel more confident in their buying decision. It puts their trust in the company for presenting their self with a professional image and puts trust in the product as it allows the consumer to see it in working action from the comfort of their own home, before purchasing!

Asos do this well, they have a simple video of a catwalk model along with the option to select images beneath, it presents the product from all angles and in real life situations. Remember I mentioned in shopping cart and even more good news is that 52% of consumers who watched your video are less likely to return the product. who added video to their website found that sales increased by 400% and their returns dropped to 25%.

As you can see the stats speak for their selves, but you are probably wandering why is video so powerful and why does it provide those brilliant benefits?

  • As I stated in “Use a POWERFUL product image” images sell, the more angles the better, video can provide a 360% view of your product and show it in action from all angles, it’s convenient and all in one place.
  • Showcasing your product in a video addresses common fears within a consumer, if they can see the product being used and know before purchasing how simple it is to use the product and feel confident they can use it once purchased they are more likely to purchase.
  • Return rates are proven to drop because it’s not a “blind purchase”, it’s like having the product in front of you, for real! Showcasing all the benefits of a product is a sure way to ensure the product meets the needs of the consumer beforehand, thus reducing the return rate.

Video is a great way to increase your sales, reduce your return rates and engage with your consumers, it’s like having your own QVC channel on your website.


Use high quality video else it will do more harm than good, present the product in as many ways as possible as this is what the consumer wants to see, get across the benefits/ease of use/convenience of the product – this will reduce the likelihood of a return.