Google Ad Scheduling –  It’s almost like scheduling your advert to be shown on TV or Radio at your chosen time, which in turn means you could be paying more for peak time and less for the “grave yard slots”.

Introduced in 2006 as part of the ever changing Google ads offering, this feature gets little attention and if used correctly could become a game changer for your business and online marketing.

What does this mean for you? Well you are going to be getting different types of traffic at different times of the day, let me give you an example: Students. You wont be getting much traffic from students at 7am in the morning or 9 o clock on a saturday night because they will either be in bed asleep, studying or out partying, but you will get more traffic from them during the week and evening time. So what Google is allowing you to do is put your specific ads in front of a specific market at a specific time.

And this is all quite easy to set up manage, just follow the steps below:

#1 Login to adwords and select your campaign group, then select SETTINGS from the top and click Ad Scheduling.

#2 Scroll down that page and there is a button called + Ad Schedule, click this.

#3 Then click Create Custom Schedule

#4 Select your date and time then save

It’s as simple as that!

Best of luck running your even more targeted ads and share with us your results!


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