In these Google PPC articles I will be showing you how to:

If you read my previous blog post “Google PPC tip #1 – Planning your ad” you will now of planned your PPC campaign and be ready to craft your first headline, that’s what we are about to cover in this email – Creating headlines that people click.
Your headline needs to be engaging, obvious I know, but in the vast sea of adverts and competing headlines it is important that it is your PPC headline that gets read and clicked, not your competitors.

If you have planned your advert properly you will have written down what the problem your client is having, the solution you provide and an exact market you are targeting.

There are 3 main styles of headlines that work well, the first is Listing Benefits. This style of headline involves you starting off with a headline that reads “7 ways to…” or “find out how to…” These are specific benefits that your client is looking for. For example: “Find out how I work 2 hours a day and make £173,000 a year”. You can see this type of advert lists a benefit and an outcome, which is to earn a lot of money by working less, it also hints at a system you have that anyone can follow.

The next style of headline is to use Emotion. This style of headline can be used to get your visitor excited before they have even clicked your ad, it’s compelling and will make your advert stand out above the rest as you are stimulating an emotion in your reader, if you stimulate the right emotion you will generate an advantage over your competitors and get your advert clicked. For example: “A surprising homemade remedy that will leave your skin with a mind blowing glow”. The use of the word “surprising” creates curiosity, people are always keen to check out things that make them curious. The use of “mind blowing glow” helps create an emotional vision and connection between the reader and their ideal outcome.

Asking a question is another great style of headline to use. When you ask a question in your headline you are putting it into your readers mind that you have the solution, so they are more likely to click your advert. Asking a question also sets you up nicely for a strong follow up in the rest of your advert, for example: “Are you tired of wasting money on poor marketing advice that yields no results?” This instantly connects with your reader when they are reading it; it makes your reader think “yes I am! That’s my problem! These people understand me, now how can they help me?”

A headline takes time to craft, if you stick to using any of the above styles or combining them you can create a very powerful headline.
When thinking of a headline remember to use the language your visitors will use, put some personality into your writing style, if your reader is frustrated, convey it! If your visitor is tired and suffering irrational fears, convey it!

Think of the very end goal your reader wants, it’s not a “12 step system to make more money” its “doubling their income within 12 months”. Really think about your reader, their problem and how they are feeling and then address this in your headline.