Over 60% of all the websites on the internet, whose Content Management System (CMS) is known, are currently using WordPress as their content management system of choice.

We look at the key reasons why WordPress is the go-to platform for everyone from start-up bloggers to fortune 500 company businesses.

Firstly, to understand what 60% of the content management system market means you need to look at the nearest competitors and the size of the market that they currently hold. Joomla, Shopify and Drupal, who are first, second and third place in the market, would be the closest offerings.

Together, they have a combined market share of less than 10%! It’s a staggering difference in market size, so what makes WordPress so popular?

From very humble beginnings, WordPress first appeared in 2003 as a joint effort between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a friend of Mullenweg, suggested the name WordPress.

Since 2003, WordPress has gone from strength to strength in providing everyone from bloggers, entrepreneurs and major brands the tools to scale as their business grows. The truth is there isn’t one reason why WordPress holds over 60% of the content management system market; there are many!


If you are having a problem with WordPress, chances are someone else has dealt with the same issue.

The WordPress community, which consists of WordPress developers, WordPress designers and dedicated WordPress agencies, are producing new solutions, guides and upgrades that are shared online.

As an open-source platform WordPress has built a passionate community, who are continually developing and designing new features for everyone to use.

If ever you have a problem with WordPress, there are multiple avenues for you to get help. The community of WordPress designers and WordPress Developers are always keen to help, and chances are they have faced the problem you are currently facing.

The community appears online in forums, blogs, YouTube videos as well as several WordPress experts you can find a WordPress Agency that can provide you with a full service for all your WordPress needs.


One of the most potent reasons WordPress is the choice of two-thirds of the internet is the wealth of plugins it offers, which provide everything you need to upgrade and enhance your blog or website.

The plugin library at WordPress feels like an endless tour of tools that can provide you with data capture, e-commerce, statistics, and continuously guide you in improving your website performance.

Plugins allow you to link third party or external resources you use, such as Mailchimp, which helps you streamline your businesses ability to automate things like your marketing.

New Plug-ins are continually being developed and designed by the community of WordPress Designers and WordPress Developers.

WordPress uses automated plugin updates that make sure your website is always up to date.

The Automated features make your life so much easier, rather than having to review countless features or settings on your website each month.


Whatever type of website you can think of, WordPress has built it, thousands of times over. From Business websites, Portfolios, Forums, E-Commerce sites, Rating websites, Membership sites, eLearning modules, Chatrooms, Galleries, Personal websites for self-promotion, and the list goes on and on.

WordPress has you covered for any change in your business, such as introducing a new service like e-commerce.

With drag and drop abilities or complete control over the WordPress code, you have complete freedom when it comes to the design and function of your website.


WordPress continues to be a leader when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

WordPress wrote the book on creating a simple way to manage SEO for beginners whilst being robust enough for an SEO expert to tweak and tailor a websites SEO based on the data captured in WordPress and other tools such as Google Analytics.

WordPress alone will not draw traffic to your website as that will come down to other factors you do with your site, such as creating compelling and engaging content.

But WordPress gives you the foundation to ensure your SEO is on point for your website.


WordPress Designers are continuously designing and releasing beautiful and functional themes.

A theme is an editable template that provides a starting point for you to build and launch your website. From classically structured websites to the latest trending designs, you are sure to find the theme or template for your website.

There is an extensive range of free themes available, and for a relatively small fee, you can purchase a Premium theme. What is an important thing to remember about themes is you can completely customise or personalise them to suit your needs, taste and brand?

Themes help you build consistency in fonts, colours and style of your website, which is key to ensuring your brand looks professional.

Of course, A WordPress Agency can build your WordPress website for you and help you through every step of the process.

With a wealth of experience inside the company, you will have WordPress Designers, WordPress Developers and other creative people.

They have gone through the process of building WordPress websites many times. A WordPress Agency can guide you through the entire process from brief to launch of your new website.


Creating content for a blog day in and day out can add a lot of strain to what you need to do as a modern business.

All businesses need good content that their audiences are educated or entertained with so you might need to draw in guest writers to increase your output of useful articles.

WordPress provides you with the tools to add guest writers so they can add content straight to your website.

If you are worried about what content these writers are adding? No problem! WordPress allows you to set the ‘publish on your website’ option to a ‘publish for review’ for your guest writers.

‘Publish for review’ allows you or a dedicated editor to review, edit and then make the guest writers content live.

With this one feature, you can ensure you are generating a lot of content for your website for a fraction of the time and with total control.


When it comes to security, WordPress takes care of everything for you. A hacked website can cause severe damage to your business revenue and reputation.

If hackers gain access to your website, they can steal user information, passwords, credit card information or they can install software that that sits on your website. They could gain access to your users’ computers or send out malware to all your visitors.

Worst, you may find yourself being held to ransom or paying ransomware to hackers to regain access to your website.

It is a scary thought, but one that WordPress takes very seriously. No site is 100% protected, but within the Content Management System market, WordPress leads the way in security.


As you may have guessed, WordPress allows you to host your site.

A significant advantage for advanced users who don’t want the restrictions of WordPress.com, which limits site customisations.

Choosing your host also means you can shift providers or change your hosting plan.

Your host will depend on the volume of traffic rising for your website or only the demands on your website.

Many of the primary web hosts offer tailored programs for every type of WordPress website. But WordPress, who is continuously innovating, launched an industry-defining hosting option in 2010.


Founded in 2010, WPEngine is a managed hosting provider that caters to users who have built their websites and blogs using WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting plans take care of all the technical details such as website performance and plugin management so that you can focus on the content of your website.

WPEngine is the market leader with its tight focus on the needs of WordPress users. WPEngine is the best in class for optimising caching, support, and security.

One of WPEngine’s unique selling points over other shared hosting options is in its “performance Intelligence” solution which offers real-time data to know how your website is doing and help you in making improvements.


WordPress dominates the content management system world with over 60% of the market.

WordPress dominates the CMS market with a 64.8% market share, and powers 41.5% of the web. In 2021, around 728 million websites use WordPress, as well as 14.7% of the world’s top websites.

It is no wonder that the community is so active and prolific when it comes to supporting and new additions to the platform.

With WordPress dominating the Content Management System market, the real question is why wouldn’t you use WordPress?

WordPress’ popularity precedes itself, and it is responsible for powering the NFL, NBC, MTV News, PlayStation blog, the New Yorker, Beyonce and even the official Star Wars blog.

You are in very good company by choosing a WordPress website and one thing for sure…the force is very strong with WordPress.