technical SEO services

Technical SEO services

Optimising your website for the best SEO outcomes.

If you are doing SEO link building and not getting the results you expect then it could be down to your website having poor on-site technical SEO.

Having poor technical SEO and doing link building is a bit like trying to fill a bucket full of holes with water – it’s pretty difficult!

Technical SEO ensures that a number of important things such as page speed, user experience, internal linking and your meta tags are all optimised correctly.

Technical SEO Service:

Ensuring your on-site technical SEO is as optimised as it could be will help you achieve better SEO rankings in the search engines.

  • meta tags

    Optimise your meta tags to include your keywords and encourage click through rates from the SERPs.

  • Page Speed

    Offer the best possible user experience by ensuring that your website loads as quickly as possible and reduce bounce rates.

  • Internal Linking

    Ensure the search engine bots can crawl and understand your website with great internal page linking.

  • Page Content

    Ensuring your page content is relevant, includes the necessary keywords and is engaging enough to keep visitors on your website.

Technical SEO and its role in SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation to all SEO services and is one of the things that gets the most consistent SEO results when doing SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Without technical SEO your website is like a bucket with holes, no matter how many backlinks you build, you may never quite crack the top 10 and never understand why – It’s usually down to poor technical SEO.

By ensuring your website is optimised on-site for SEO you can give yourself the best chance of ranking higher in Google, break the cycle of always being stuck in the same few ranking positions and propel your website forward past your competitors.

As Google uses over 200 different ranking signals, most people focus solely on link building and not the other fundamental parts of SEO that we also know about.

Technical SEO not only ensures your website is in good health in the eyes of Google but also gives a brilliant experience to your website visitors. Having a fast loading site is not only good for the Google mobile first indexing calculation, but is also brilliant for your users as fast loading websites keep people around and help boost conversions.

When your website is set up correctly, optimised for both Google and your website visitors, you will notice an improvement in your click through rates, time on site, search engine rankings and also a drop in your bounce rate.

Technical SEO services for SEO

By optimising your website from an SEO point of view you have the best possible chance of improving your search engine rankings and offering the best possible user experience to your website visitors.

Some of the things that are part of a technical SEO checklist include:

  • Ensuring HTTPS is enabled
  • Natural page interlinking
  • Title & Description meta tags rewrite
  • Fixing Google search console crawl errors
  • Improving page speed
  • Submitting a sitemap
  • Ensuring content is valuable and includes keywords
  • Fix broken links
  • Set up any required 301 links
  • Fix multiple/missing H1 tags

By doing these often-neglected tasks before link building, you can ensure that your website will stand the best chance of ranking in Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.



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About Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO fills any leaky holes on your website and gives your website the best possible chance of ranking for your chosen keywords, without it, your link building efforts could be wasted and not as effective as they could be.

Yes, technical SEO is very important. As it is so often neglected it is usually the one thing that moves the needle when it comes to SEO and helps improves rankings pretty quickly when used as part of a fuller SEO strategy.