Who Are F1.co.uk?

F1.co.uk – an independent Formula 1 news website – came to us with a problem. What was once a very popular website had been underperforming due to competition and started to lose traffic. They asked us to suggest and implement features which would make Formula 1 fans to come back to F1.co.uk and start using it as their favourite racing news website once again.

After careful discussions with owner Graeme, we suggested a number of powerful ways to increase visitor engagement and keep them coming back for more. We introduced a chat room feature to allow users to chat with fellow Formula 1 fans and create a community spirit within the site. We also introduced competitions where visitors could compete for range of prizes.

Another key improvement was to introduce an e-commerce feature which allowed F1.co.uk to start selling products to help cover the day-to-day running costs of the website and potentially generate profit for the owner.

All of these additions were integrated into a WordPress content management system which allows Graeme to effortlessly update website content and competitions with a simple user interface.

After implementing these key improvements and many other smaller features to improve the visitor’s user experience, F1.co.uk has experienced a 400% increase in traffic. The chat room is now populated with a dedicated Formula 1 community, users continue to compete for F1 prizes and the E-commerce store is generating a healthy income to cover running costs.

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After Launch

Since we started working with F1.co.uk we managed to turn the website around into an all in one hub for everything motorsport. Covering everything from F1, to ice driving and series elite, F1.co.uk is now the #1 hub for everything motorsport.

We continue to work with F1.co.uk and offer them our website maintenance service to ensure the website is in tip top shape and consult on future developments.

The guys are dynamite! They understand what we need, they are creative and they know what they are doing. We have recommended ALT Agency to two business associates and they too have been amazed by their skills. No hesitation in recommending Craig and ALT Agency.

Graeme Glewe, F1.co.uk Owner