content marketing in Birmingham

Content Marketing in Birmingham

You’ve created valuable content – Now get it seen

Content Marketing allows you to get maximum exposure for your content across all major Search & Social platforms.

You have spent time, hours & hours researching your content, so why not get it seen by your audience?

Simply putting your content into a blog or email newsletter isn’t enough, our Content Marketing service gets your content seen by your audience across a number of channels and more importantly, Content Marketing gets your audience engaged with your content.

Benefits Of Content Marketing:

  • UX increases sales

    Get your content seen and read by thousands of people globally.

  • Improve search engine visibility

    Get your content distributed across reputable networks and position yourself as a leading authority in your area of expertise.

  • SEO improves brand awareness

    Having your content distributed across the web with a backlink to your own website will pass you some SEO power and help with your SEO rankings.

Why utilise Content Marketing?

Using Content Marketing as part of a wider Digital Marketing strategy allows your content to be distributed via numerous channels that get engagement and results.

Using Social Media Marketing, your content can be distributed to your existing customers, potential customers and new customers. We will target your content to those who are already on your mailing list, have visited your website previously and can also build look-a-like audiences based on this profiling.

Using PPC advertising allows your content to be found at the top of Google search engines by a laser focused audience. Using content keywords will ensure that your content, whether that be images, blogs, video gets found by your audience before they find your competitors.

Well written, detailed, relevant content can rank organically in Google. By optimising your content around keywords and providing more value and relevant content than your competitors, your content will rank for a whole range of keywords, naturally in the Google search engine results.

Content Marketing Types

Some of the types of content that can be distributed through digital marketing channels are:

  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Video
  • Images
  • White Papers
  • PDFs
  • Audio
  • Podcasts



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Content Marketing In Birmingham

Using content marketing as part of a well thought out plan will help not only your SEO efforts but also help your build brand awareness and position you as an expert/market leader in your field.

By doing content outreach and getting your content published across the web, you will reach a much wider audience and get a greater footfall of traffic to your website.

Working with our team of content writers and SEO specialists we will plan out your content for the next quarter and research topics relevant to your audience.