SEO Audit Service

SEO Audit

Insights and actionable steps to improve your SEO campaign.

You may not think it but over time your SEO strategy and other SEO activities can lose focus and even become out dated – That’s where our SEO audits point out issues, allow you to understand what could be going wrong, what could be better and the exact steps to take to make things better and get more ROI from your SEO activities.

An SEO audit can get your website rankings back on track, point out your exact current SEO situation, show where you are compared to your competitors and importantly point out what to stop doing and where you can improve.

The output from one of our SEO audits? An independent insight from our team of SEO experts who have managed to successfully and consistently get 95% of our SEO clients ranking in the top 3 positions of Google.

The benefits of an SEO audit

An SEO audit can you show you many insights, if your SEO approach hasn’t changed much over the last few years including:

  • SEO audit - Your current position

    Exactly where your website rankings are, your Domain strength and the quality of backlinks pointing to you.

  • SEO audit - Com[etitor analysis

    How your metrics stack up against your competitors and what SEO actions you can take to begin recovering lost ground.

  • SEO audit - Reduce spend

    Find where your SEO activities are costing too much and not driving you a return on investment and plug that hole.

  • SEO audit - Actionable steps

    Your report will detail actionable steps that you can do yourself or with the aid of our SEO agency to get your SEO campaign back on track.

Link building as part of an SEO campaign

Typical insights from an SEO audit.

The aim of any SEO audit is to always understand your current position and put our findings into place to allow your website to be in a better position across the coming months – All of which results in higher Google rankings and more traffic to your website.

Typical outcomes from an SEO audit include:

  • Lower spends
  • Clearer direction on content marketing
  • Creation of ‘Hero’ pieces of content
  • A clearer picture of where your website stands versus competitors
  • An actionable plan to move your keyword rankings forward

Actionable steps from an SEO audit.

With one of our SEO audits, you will have a much clearer picture of where you stand and a clear direction in which to take your SEO efforts.

The outcome of an SEO audit is always super clear and will lay out a pathway to SEO success.

The actionable steps from your SEO audit will clearly outlay:

  • What backlinks may be holding you back and which ones to disavow
  • Where your on-site meta data can be improved
  • Where your URL structure can be improved
  • Where your internal page interlinking can be improved

A fresh site of eyes on your SEO campaign is always a good way to freshen up, fix things that may have been fixed and to also gain an insight into some valuable tactics that will help you rank even higher.

Who needs an SEO audit?

If you are running an SEO campaign and not getting the results that you expect then you will benefit from an SEO audit.

If your results have stopped, if your rankings have hit a glass ceiling or you just feel you are over spending for the results that your SEO agency is getting you then an SEO audit could give you the insights you need to breakthrough and get higher rankings and more traffic from your SEO efforts.

Why have an SEO audit?

An SEO audit will give you a third-party insight into your SEO efforts and highlight actionable steps you can take to improve your SEO.

Whether you have a slow loading website, low quality backlinks or just lack an overall SEO strategy, our SEO audit will give you that clear direction that you need to dominate the search engines.

SEO Website Audit

If you are looking for more from your SEO strategy then an SEO audit will help you identify and plug any holes within your current strategy and deliver you higher rankings in the Google search results.

Now is the time to gain focus and take control of your SEO campaign and understand your current strengths and weaknesses with a completely thorough and independent that will point out exactly where you stand, where you are losing money and put you on the right path for SEO success.

Our SEO audit with give you a clear direction forward and includes:

  • Top to bottom audit of your current SEO activities
  • Technical SEO audit – including meta tags, H1 tags and on-site page interlinking
  • Backlink Audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • 3-month content strategy
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About ALT Agency and our SEO Audits

At ALT Agency we not only rank very well in Google ourself for SEO and website design keywords but we also roll out the same method to our clients to ensure that they rank as high as possible in the Google search results.

95% of our clients rank in the top 3 positions of Google for their chosen keywords, a metric we are very pleased about that shows we not only practice what we preach but that our SEO strategy works.

SEO audits are a valuable tool to help you gain insight into growing your business using a digital marketing technique.

All of our SEO audits are manually written and provided to allow you to go away and execute upon the actionable advice should you wish to do so without the aid of an SEO agency.