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Who Are Arora Medical?
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Arora Medical was founded by Dr Aman Arora and he has put together an incredible one-stop resource for medical students who are looking for materials to help with their course revision.

Dr Aman approached us to add some additional functionality onto his existing WordPress & WooCommerce website that would allow students to purchase materials from the website and pay on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Our task was to design a new system that would allow students to logon to the website and view dummy patient & doctor notes that will aid them with their revision.

A big part of the project was to link in Stripe & PayPal to allow users to pay on a monthly/quarterly basis to access their revision materials.

This is an additional and new revenue stream for the website, and we work with Dr Aman to ensure his WordPress website is safe and secure.


Great working with ALT – efficient and flexible. Thank you!

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