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Client Profile: Exclusive GP

Who Are Exclusive GP?
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Exclusive GP – an online supplier of high-end travel and hospitality services – wanted a website re- design to improve their brand image and attract the most lucrative clients.

In a world of fast cars, private jets and five-star venues, Exclusive GP needed to bring in clients who accept nothing less than the pinnacle of luxury, including multi-millionaires from across the globe. That’s why we created this slick design which provided the credibility to attract VIPs and show that Exclusive GP really do mean business in such an exclusive market.

This polished design was also combined with streamlined usability and on-page selling techniques to attract the right audience and show them that Exclusive GP’s packages (including Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend breaks) were the right ones to buy. Effective sales copy told a story of the whole experience whilst large images of yachts, jets and Monte Carlo casinos gave them a glimpse of the VIP experience they could soon enjoy.

This sales-focused approach ensured that the website was converting visitors into clients and getting the phone ringing back at the office of Exclusive GP.

Finally, a powerful content management system was integrated to allow Exclusive GP to effortlessly add, delete and edit pages with a simple interface and no coding knowledge required. With changes being made to hundreds of pages at a time in only a few quick clicks, Exclusive GP could save days of time and focus it on looking after their big-spending clientele instead.

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When we decided to redo our website, we called quite a number of web designers and were provided with numerous addresses of sites created by each designer. We found that ALT Web Design had the most sites that we thought were innovative, creative and professional. After speaking a few times with ALT Agency we decided to go with them. It’s the best decision we’ve made in quite some time.

ALT Agency not only gave freely of their time to talk with me long distance, they had the patience to teach me as we went along. They came up with various ideas that allowed me to choose what I liked best and with their guidance we got exactly the website we dreamed about. The hits to our site have substantially increased and so have the many compliments we receive daily. People have told us that our site is attractive, informational and friendly as well as professionally done.

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