Who are USA Summercamp?

Kier and the really cool team at USA summercamp first approached us towards the end of 2018 to help make their homepage more appealing and convert more visitors into enquiries.

The guys at USA summercamp run annual events to the USA and place young adults looking to gain work experience over seas into summer camps that take place annually in the USA.

Our first task was to sort out page speed and usability issues as the site was loading a little slow. By implementing a new visual editor into WordPress we were able to not only improve page speed for the front end users of the website but also make it easier for the team at USA summer camp to maintain and update their website.

Since implementing the new homepage we have also been tasked with improving the speed of the rest of the website, re-designing some very important internal pages and integrating them into the new visual editor to ensure that the website can be maintained with complete ease.

With a growing international audience and the need for specific regional landing pages, we created a custom built language system that allows content for foreign languages to be added to ensure that the visitor receives the content in their native language.

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After Launch

Since working with USA summercamp we continue to work closely with managing director Kier to enhance their SEO efforts and gain a greater share of the market for their business.

The team are always readily available and happy to help. Everything is built exactly how we want it and they’re happy to fix any little thing we need.

Angeliqua Goodwin, USA Summercamp