Who are The Beatles Story?

The Beatles Story brought us on board as there outsourced web development team to drive traffic and bookings for their Liverpool-based exhibition.

Firstly, we revamped their website with a fresh and modern design. This was kept simple and intuitive to optimise the user experience and give visitors a taste of the attraction to encourage bookings. We also incorporated many design elements inspired by The Beatles, such as high-impact photos and videos of the attraction, to further captivate fans of the band.

These visual elements were paired with effective sales copy in multi-language versions, which draw the attention of their target audience and encourage fans from around the world to book a ticket for this must-see attraction.

We also developed a fully integrated social media platform. This allows The Beatles Story to engage with visitors to improve retention rates and customer loyalty. It also gives visitors the opportunity to share their experiences and generate far-reaching free exposure for the attraction.

As a result, site time engagement has increased, web traffic is up 12%, and bookings are up 13%.

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Screenshot of the beatles story website

After Launch

After launching the website, the team at The Beatles Story saw their website journey improve and their ticket sales increase. By adding improvements to the website such as an events calendar and the ability for visitors to submit memorabilia items for sale as well as run quizzes, the website now engages fans far more than previously.

We continue to work with The Beatles Story on a regular basis to ensure their website is in tip-top health and that conversions are always on the up.

We now have an efficient, sales driven website. Conversions and customer journey have already improved, ticket sales are up.

Dave Milner, Head of Marketing