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Who are Expert Mortgage Solutions?
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Expert Mortgage Solutions is a company founded by long term client Dharam Raja and specialise in finding the right mortgage deal for homebuyers in London and the surrounding area.

Dharam approached us in mid-2018 to further design another website for his new business that was firstly easily to manage and would secondly rank well in Google.

WordPress was the chosen platform for this project as it allows Dharam or any member of his team to maintain the website with complete ease and is also one of the friendliest platforms available for SEO.

Whilst being a very simple website, it needed to have a classy and high-end feel to it so the use of elegant fonts and slow fade in effects on images from black white to colour had to be very precise and very well defined.

The website has gone a long way to helping the team & Dharam grow the business and has helped boost enquiries by 19%.

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Exactly as I imagined, perfect!

testimonial Dharam Raja