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Client Profile: Supercar Experiences

Who are Supercar Experiences?
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Supercar Experiences are a long-term client of ALT Agency and after tasking us with working on their spin-off websites they gave us the opportunity to work on their main corporate website.

The first task was to understand what was actually going on with the existing website, so we installed Inspectlet to watch how website visitors were actually engaging with the website.

After diving through hours of recordings and months of analytics data we worked on streamlining the quote system, we noticed many people were abandoning the quote system so by making it shorted and more streamlined, Supercar Experiences now benefit from more quote enquiries.

The next thing we did was to re-design the website homepage to give it a whole new look and feel fit for 2019.

By using high quality imagery and taking up the whole of the screen space available rather than sitting the website in the middle of the screen with small images we have managed to give Supercar Experiences a website that sells the dream of fine, luxury living.

Work on the website continues as we prepare the inner car pages and prepare to execute upon an SEO strategy to keep Supercar Experiences at the top of Google.

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I have been working with ALT Agency for over 6 years. Cant say enough about them, just amazing designers, SEO specialists and account management.

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