Who Are The GC Index?

The GC Index is a global organisation that helps individuals and organisations identify and nurture game-changing talent.

The GC Index is sending shock waves through the business management and recruitment industry, not just another online personality test, The GC Index focuses on personality and other traits that identify a game-changer who may be lost within an organisation.

Built on WordPress this website allows users to not only purchase and take the test but also allows accredited “GCologists” to offer their services within the directory and provides an incredible amount of resources and data to help organisations grow and improve in a scientific way.

Working with The GC Index on a long-term basis, we are responsible for the website maintenance, SEO and identifying new opportunities to help The GC index spread its global reach and message online.

Our SEO campaign with The GC Index is allowing us to find new audiences to attract to the website. Over the next 6 months we will be executing upon a plan that will increase the daily average visitors to the website and number of conversions that the website receives.

Our in-depth SEO research has allowed us to find new related keywords to further reinforce to Google what to rank the website for and also reach a wider audience who may not of found us previously based on their search intent.

With a quarterly content plan in the works, The GC Index will be benefiting from a well thought out and researched content campaign that will be distributed across Social Media and other press forums.

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After Launch

Working long term with the GC Index to ensure the success of their website, we continue to offer website maintenance and SEO services to ensure that the GC index rank well in search engines and are found for very competitive keywords.

Faboulous job – Very impressed.

Nathan Ott, Founder