Who Are The Negotiation Club?

The negotiation club is the brain child of sales trainer Phil Brown and aims to connect individuals interested in improving their negotiation skills.

Newly launched, The negotiation club is a technically complex website that has been developed to accommodate and connect users across the globe with a simple to user interface.

The website generates revenue via a monthly subscription and allows website members to join numerous online and offline groups and practice their negotiation skills.

The website ties in heavily with offline activities and real offline face to face negotiations by allowing members to log on to their personal profile and fill out forms designed to measure the effectiveness of their negotiation skills.

This allows progress to be tracked over time and see how an individual has improved in negotiation.

With more and more functionality being added to the website on a weekly basis, members of the website have a much wider range of information available at their fingertips.

Ability to view reports at the click of a button, approve new members, create sub-groups and take payments is just some of the functionality available.

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Screenshot of The negotiation club website

After Launch

ALT Agency continue to enjoy a happy working and personal relationship with Phil and the Negotiation Club.

We are currently working on new developments for the website and advising on an SEO strategy for maximum exposure of the website in search engines.

Great work!

Phil Brown, Founder