Who are The UK ICF?

The UK ICF are the world’s largest non-profit coaching organisation with over 36,000 members worldwide. The UK ICF provides resources to help strengthen relationships between coaches and their clients.

Recently launched, the newly redesigned UK ICF website provides an online resource and community for members of the UK chapter to watch webinars, attend events and have their own online profile.

The custom-built website has incredible functionalities that go beyond the call of duty such as a custom-built newsletter system, Integration with multiple payment processors, Zoom Webinar API integration along with a full user management system that deals with new and expired members.

The website adds a new dimension for members, it allows the coaches to not only simply advertise their services but to purchase resources and attend events aimed at growing their personal development business.

The back-end admin system gives the site admins complete control over members and gives the ability to update all areas of the website with complete ease through a content management system.

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After Launch

Since launching the website The UK ICF has received lots of praise for their new website.

The website continues to be developed with new functionality always being added and we continue to keep the website safe and secure using our monthly website maintenance service.

Great work!! ALT Agency guide you with ease through the development process and couldn’t be more than happy to help even after the project completion.

Jordan Cable, UK ICF Project Manager