Web Design Wolverhampton

Web Design Wolverhampton

Website design services for the area of Wolverhampton.

We design and develop beautiful, high converting websites for Wolverhampton and the surrounding area.

To have a website that stands out from your rivals in today’s business environment is extremely critical. With just 3 seconds to make an impression, getting your website design right has never been more important.

A well designed, well-structured and mobile responsive website can play a huge part in the continued success of your business and online Digital Marketing activities.

We are a full-service Web Design agency with an in-house team of web designers and developers based around Wolverhampton. We believe your website should be an asset that generates you a Return On Investment – Our mission is to deliver you a website that works hard for your business and delivers a measurable ROI. If you need web design in Wolverhampton – Contact ALT Agency today.

Website Design Wolverhampton

Easy To Manage Stunning Websites Plus A Money Back Guarantee

Our customer and ROI focus approach to website design includes:
Designing and developing new websites from scratch
Providing your business with your first ever website
Fixing your existing, underperforming website
Generating you more online sales and leads through SEO & Digital Marketing
Producing websites using the latest technology
Face to face meetings with our expert team of web designers & web developers

Website redesign in Wolverhampton

Redesigning YOUR

existing website?

We will work with you to understand your project needs and requirements and provide a tailored solution that includes website design, development and Digital Marketing to help you achieve your goals over the next few years.

Our expert team of Digital Marketers will craft you an online marketing strategy that drives traffic to your website and drives your business towards your goals.

Not just another typical web design company, ALT Agency have a proven project management process that guarantees a successful and stress-free re-design of your existing website.

We ensure your website reaches out beyond the borders of Wolverhampton.

For help with Web Design Wolverhampton – Contact ALT Agency today.

web site design in WolverhamptonWOLVERHAMPTONweb design services

Our expert team of web designers in Wolverhampton will help ensure that your website is built for conversions.

The goal of your website is to drive new business, generate leads and get the phone ringing, that’s why when you work with our web designers in Wolverhampton you can rest assured knowing you will get a beautifully designed website that generates you a measurable return on investment.

If you are looking to get your website developed, then our team of expert Web Developers based in Wolverhampton can ensure you get the exact functionality you require from your website.

Our Web Development service ensures that your website is not only secure and robust but will improve overall usability, enhance your SEO in Wolverhampton and work across mobile devices.

Web Development allows you to:
Update and maintain your website with complete ease
Give an experience that will keep your visitors coming back
Keep your website updated and secure today and for years to come

Our team of web designers, who are based just outside Wolverhampton city centre, can help you design for Web, Mobile & Print.

Contact our web design experts today to discuss your website requirements get your project underway.

Whether you need a new website built from the ground up or a re-design of an existing one, our expert team of web designers can help you achieve your online goals, whatever they may be.

Looking to get your website ranked higher in Google?

SEO can be a minefield, with tons of conflicting advice out there, our SEO experts will sit down with you either at our office or from the comfort of your own Wolverhampton office, and walk you through the SEO process.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for local SEO to target the local Wolverhampton market or to create a campaign to reach a national audience, our search engine optimisation is sure to get your website moving up the search engine rankings.

Contact ALT Agency today to discuss your website requirements further, as one of the leading website design companies in Wolverhampton, there isn’t much we haven’t built before!

Are You Ready

To Start On Your Next Web Project?

our Web Design Team

Meet our friendly team of web designers below. Including a web design expert, UX expert and detail orientated project manager, this is part of the team who will plan and design your project and carry you through to the web site development phase. Drop our friendly team a call on 0121 663 0202 to discuss your web design requirements further.

Craig Murphy

Managing Director

Rehan Khan

Project Management

Mylos N.
Mylos N.

Web Designer


At ALT Agency we offer a website design, website development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website maintenance service for those in and around the Wolverhampton area.

Website design and development prices vary per project.

Please contact us on 0121 663 0202 or hello@altagency.co.uk to get a more accurate price for your specific project.

When your website is launched there are no on-going costs or fees to pay to ALT Agency once your final payment has been made.

You will have on-going costs to your webhost, who host your website, usually paying a monthly/yearly fee for your website hosting and SSL certificate.

You can take up a website maintenance package with ALT Agency which will be discussed during your project planning phase.

With the incredible rise of people browsing websites on their mobile devices and Google shifting towards a mobile first index, it is more important than ever to have a responsive website.

When designing websites, we often start with a mobile first approach and then scale up to the desktop website to focus on a mobile-first experience.


85% or so of the websites that we build are based upon the WordPress platform.

We know the platform inside out, have built hundreds of websites on WordPress and build them in such a way that you can update yourself in the future without the aid of a web designer.

Full training on how to manage your website is always given by our Project Management team.

Some of the open source platforms and frameworks we work with include but not limited to WordPress, Magento Shopify and Wix.

Some of the frameworks we work with include Laravel, Phalcon, CorePHP and Codeigniter.

Our programming language of choice is PHP and MYSQL along with jQuery and JS.

Our aim is to make managing your website as simple as possible – And we involve you at the planning stage to ensure this becomes a reality.

Before we start developing your website, we consider your experience of managing websites and working with code.

For most it is usually no experience at all, so we build websites around that need and ensure that your website can be updated by yourself, without the need to know any code.

Full training on how you manage your website will be given.


Once your website is ready to launch, we will come and visit you at your Wolverhampton office and run you through exactly how to manage and update your website.


Once your website has launched, we are able to offer you a website maintenance package.

Although you will be able to do the day to day thing son your website such as changing text, updating images and adding new pages there may be bigger developments you may wish to add and cannot do yourself.

Whether its due to lack of time or just wanting to hand over the day to day maintenance of your website we can assist you with website maintenance.

Over 95% of our SEO clients rank on the first page of Google with most of them being in the top 3 positions.

Whilst no one can guarantee you getting anywhere on Google, we have over 10 years’ experience with SEO and incredible results to back it up.

Our white hat SEO service is aimed at getting you to number one on Google which is a goal many of our clients have achieved working with us.

Once you have made the final milestone payment for your website then you will own your website.

Any third-party platforms such as WordPress or other third-party plugins are subject to their open source/paid license.

Any design work/custom coding work done by ALT Agency will become your property and not part of any on-going license deal.